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Our goal is making sure your fire extinguishers are in full compliance with today's most stringent and current standards, NFPA 10 versions 2010 and 2013.

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An extinguisher that does not operate when needed can MAKE A BAD Situation worse. Without proper maintenance, a failed extinguisher may not prevent a small fire from becoming a big one.

Fire Extinguishers are not intended to prevent fires from happening. They may assist in preventing a fire from spreading and becoming like the one that destroyed the building in this picture.

If a fire occurs, the extinguisher can provide extra time to get out of an area safely. It is always advisable to call 911 under ANY emergency situation and exit the building or area safely and calmly.

Annual examination, maintenance and regular service ensure your fire suppression equipment, systems and devices are functioning properly and in accordance with today's NFPA standards and codes.

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